16 October 2014

Something to Support and Look Forward to

Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty is my all-time favorite Book of Mormon story. We are at a point in our nation's history that we need a Captain Moroni to step up and lead the righteous to a restoration of our lost and crumbling liberties.

Lt. Lehi shared this with me on Facebook and I got so excited! Just want to share this with those I know. Spread the word! This is a vital story for the times we live in.

07 October 2014

General Conference Thoughts

We enjoyed the sumptuous feast of General Conference this past weekend. Among the many things I love about conference are the dignity and solemnity with which the brethren conduct the meetings; there's no joking about, stumbling around or forgetting important things; the program is prepared and complete. I love the beautiful music, which always seems to fit the subjects of the talks; which means they are truly inspired in their selections. I especially enjoy that the speakers jump right into their subjects without a silly recitation of who called them to speak and how they felt and how they struggled to write their talk, and how nervous they are, and how they wished it were someone else up here, and here's an unrelated joke to show you how nervous I am; and, well, you get the picture. (It's one of my pet peeves in Sacrament Meeting speakers.) I love how the General Conference speakers take a personal experience and relate it to a gospel doctrine or principle, helping us to understand more deeply the application in our own lives.

During this conference I was thrilled to hear four of the speakers give their addresses in their native languages, Cantonese, Portuguese, and Spanish. To me this is proof of the universality of the gospel and the omniscience of God. He understands His children no matter what language we speak; and the gospel message can penetrate the hearts of all God's children on earth.

It boggles my mind to hear persons say that the General Authorities are old and out of touch with society. Listening to them it should be clear that they are more "in touch" than anyone else on earth. They are experienced, well-traveled, well-connected to the leaders of nations, churches, universities, businesses, etc., as well as well-read and knowledgeable about more subjects than I can count. They are wise and insightful on their own, but have the greater wisdom that comes directly from God to teach and lead us.

The best part of conference is that each person listening will hear and glean what is important for himself/herself (the English language is lacking in pronouns!) at the time. When my girlfriend and I compare notes I am amazed at what she heard 'cause I didn't hear those same things. What a marvel of personal revelation.

We enjoyed being together as a family, minus two (Noble and Lt. Lehi). Our tradition of gathering to hear the prophets, apostles and other general authorities and officers was upheld and continued. To me that is an important accomplishment.

I encourage you to take time to listen to the counsel given, and then as was asked in the closing prayer "Help us live what we have learned."

18 September 2014

High Council Speakers

I wish I had a much larger audience because I'd like to invite all the members who complain about high council speakers to come spend a year in our little twig branch. I live for the coming of high council speakers: they are intelligent, articulate, doctrinally sound, engaging speakers; and usually the best we have all month.

The rest of the time we mostly listen to drivel, preceded by a lengthy explanation about how somebody in the branch presidency called them and what they asked them to speak about, and how they couldn't come up with anything to say (so sit down already!), and how last night they finally got some inspiration (are you sure it was from the right source?) and then they proceed to read a few quotes from a General Conference talk, interspersed with rambling personal commentary. Many times their reading is difficult to understand because of their illiteracy. One brother prefaced his talk saying "I don't know anything about the Atonement. Now if I'd been asked to speak about NASCAR or football I could talk for two or three hours." A sister, convert of just over a year, gave a talk lifted from some protestant preacher about the infallibility of the bible. I was speechless! And the one counselor in the branch presidency didn't correct her or offer any scriptures or instructions to counter her false teachings. One sister spoke for forty minutes and said absolutely NOTHING. She rambled on about her family, her journey to this branch, her gratitude for everything under the sun, her trials, etc. But there were no gospel teachings, no doctrine from the scriptures, no lessons learned, just disjointed ramblings.

So, I LOVE high council speakers and get really tired of others making fun of them. Come spend some time in "outer darkness" and I'm sure you'll come to love them too. It's said that hunger is the best sauce--I'm spiritually hungry every week and enjoy the delicious offerings of the HC speakers.