16 February 2012

I Believe in Miracles

This is what Valentine's Day looked like for my husband and I.

TopDad woke up with minor chest pains and recognized them as similar to those he'd experienced five years ago when he had his first heart attack. He showered and got dressed, ate breakfast and we read scriptures. The pains did not subside and seemed to get worse. He asked me to say the family prayer after scripture reading. My prayer included language like this "Father, there is no way we can get someone here to give TopDad a blessing, so I'm asking for a miracle and a blessing through the power of the priesthood which he holds and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that he will be healed."

TopDad decided to go to the hospital so I called the principal at school to let him know, then we loaded up and I drove, first dropping Dr. Hair off at school, (Dandylion stayed home with a stomach virus), then on to the hospital in town. There they did several tests, blood work and x-rays, but couldn't determine exactly what was happening. Dad was still in pain and not even the Nitroglycerine and Morphine got rid of it. After talking to a Cardiologist in Des Moines, the attending ER physician made arrangements to transport TopDad to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. I returned home to pack a lunch, a book and some knitting, check on Dandylion and fill a water bottle. I gassed up the car and drove ninety miles to Des Moines. I found TopDad in the ER being prepped to go to the Catheterization Lab for an angiogram. After the procedure the doctor brought me a "picture" of TopDad's heart and said that there was nothing wrong with it, in fact, he couldn't find any evidence of the other heart attack.

Wednesday morning the cardiologist asked if TopDad had been shoveling snow on Monday; he had been pushing and flipping snow from the sidewalks with the boys, but nothing strenuous. The doctor believed he had strained his chest muscles and that was causing the pain (which didn't go away until about 9:00 PM Tuesday). He was released with a slight change in medicine and instructions to follow up with the family doctor.

On the drive home I said, "Well, we can look at this in two ways, either my prayer for a miracle was answered, or the doctor was right and it was just a strained muscle." TopDad replied, "I'll go with the miracle."

I have no doubt that the God who created our hearts can heal one and leave no trace.

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  1. I am glad your husband is doing well. I have no doubt, it is the power of the Priesthood.
    My husband was at a gas station, and he slipped on a wet floor and bumped his head so hard he was out for almost 15 min (witness statement). He got up, walked to his truck and drove off. When I spoke with him on the phone, he knew he'd had an accident but couldn't remember it. He only had minor headaches for a couple of days, general body aches. So I believe that at times the Lord will "reach out and touch" us.