18 February 2014

I Like High Council Sunday!

I know there's a common joke that High Council speakers are boring, even referred to as Dry Council, but in our little Twig (Branch) I LOVE the High Council speakers, and yesterday's were wonderful.

We usually have only one High Councilman, who brings a companion of his choice to speak with him. Yesterday's companion was a youngish (anybody younger than me is young!) man who had served in Iraq in 2003, married with a few young children. He told his conversion story through the theme of Trust in the Lord. It was a great story! I hope he writes it down for his children. He told how the Lord had gently led him and sent people to guide him to the Church. He is excited to be able to baptize his oldest son, this spring. He also talked about the importance of sharing the gospel with those around us so they too will have the opportunity to feel the joy we feel and receive the blessings we have.

The actual High Councilman also spoke about trusting in the Lord as we go through the trials of life. His wife died about two years ago and he had to learn to trust God and grow from his trial. His testimony was poignant and sweet, much like those of the handcart pioneers. He was grateful for his adversity because he grew to know and love the Savior through it.

The Spirit was so strong in the meeting; I felt refreshed and filled. I had gone to church fasting because I felt the need of some extra help in teaching the Relief Society lesson. The talks filled my reservoir enough that I could teach with the Spirit and lead a good discussion about Strengthening our Families.

On another subject: Last night for FHE we read a couple of chapters in Genesis as we had missed family scripture reading in the morning. Joseph, who was sold into Egypt made himself known to his brothers and sent for his father; then the generations of the family are listed. We ended up laughing ourselves silly as we read all the names, wondering how they ever came up with them. Our favorites are Muppim and Huppim, sons of Benjamin. Do you think they were twins?

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  1. I grew up in a Twig as well! My parents moved back to that branch a few years ago, and they got a really nice addition last year. So cool to see, after all those years of being a tiny, tiny phase one building!