10 February 2014

Never give up! Never surrender!

We watched a family favorite movie last night: Galaxy Quest. It's a delightful movie and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think their motto should be part of our family motto, right after "Keep the Commandments".

We are in a battle with Satan to the (spiritual) death and we can encourage each other with a rousing "Never give up! Never surrender!"

As a discouraged missionary I was amazed at how many times the phrase "endure to the end" appears in the scriptures; three in the New Testament, ten in the Book of Mormon, and five in the Doctrine and Covenants. I marked all of them for encouragement on the days I felt I just couldn't go on.

Another phrase I've marked is "be not weary in well doing", found three times in the scriptures. It helps me to know that I'm not the only one who has felt this way, that others getting bogged down too, for whatever reason, in their callings and have to be reminded to not be discouraged.

I've never been a part of an athletic team, but I can imagine how discouraging it must be to be in the last bit of the game against an opponent who appears to be set to win the game. Well, we're in the last bit of the BIG game here on earth and although it appears that the opponent is winning, we already know the outcome of this one. So keep your jerseys on and Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

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