11 November 2015

Marines and Other Veterans

Count Your Blessings - Days Ten and Eleven

The Marine Corps birthday was yesterday, November 10, they turned 240 years old! Today is Veteran's Day when we honor those served, and especially those who died while serving our country.

My family is full of Veterans. My father served in the Army Air Corps at the end of World War 2. My husband put in 30 years, (almost 26 of them active duty) in the Marine Corps. His father served in the Navy; his grandfather served in the Army. Our daughter served four years in the Air Force; our oldest son is currently in the Marine Corps Reserves; our third son is currently at Army Recruit Training preparing to serve in the Iowa Army National Guard. Various uncles and cousins have served in the Navy and other services. Two of my brothers served in the Air Force and one in the Army. My brother-in-law served in the Army during the Viet Nam war, a nephew is currently in the Air Force, another nephew served in the Army also. (I think that is everyone.)

I am grateful for all who serve in the military to protect us and our liberties.

"Lt. Lehi's" USMC Graduation 2014 - He's the second one from the left.

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