16 November 2015

Sabbath Day and Rainy Days

Count Your Blessings - Days Fifteen and Sixteen

Can I get an Amen! on being grateful for the Sabbath Day? Thank you. I couldn't make it through the weeks without a break and rest from the cares of the world, and the spiritual nourishment of going to church and worshiping with like minded people.

Today I'm grateful, as always, for rain. I enjoy rainy days, especially because I can stay home and do things like put on a quilt, make soup and cornbread, and otherwise exercise my homemaking skills. Having worked outside the home for a while I have compassion for all women who are forced by circumstance to do that; while at the same time I don't really understand the women who choose to leave home and family to work, but that's okay, the freedom to choose ones path is a blessing. I'm a homebody and like being able to set my own agenda and schedule for the work that gets done.

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