30 November 2015

Pears and Prophets

Count Your Blessings - Days Twenty-Nine and Thirty

I think it's because pears are the colors I look good in; or maybe because they taste wonderful at the peak of ripeness, sweet and juicy. All I know is I love pears!

A prophet is defined as "a person who speaks with divine inspiration; a person who foretells future events."

President Harold B. Lee, prophet from 7 July 1972 to 31 December 1973, said this:
We have been called to difficult tasks in a difficult age, but this could be for each of us a time of high adventure, of great learning, of great inner satisfaction. For the converging challenges posed by war, urbanization, dilution of doctrine, and domestic decay surely provide us the modern equivalent of crossing the plains, enduring misunderstanding, establishing a kingdom throughout the world in the midst of adversity. I pray that we may do our part during the journey, and be with, and leading, the caravan of the church as it enters the final chosen place--His presence."
I'm grateful for prophets, ancient and modern, to lead and guide us in following the Savior back to our Heavenly Home.

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