06 November 2015

To Do Lists

Count Your Blessings - Day Six

As my advancing years wreak havoc on my brain power, I increasingly rely on To Do Lists so I can remember and stay focused on what I want to accomplish each day.

Actually, I don't think it is a problem of advancing years, it really is a problem of getting distracted by all the goodies on the internet.

I do, however, rely on lists; and the latest incarnation is simply an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of scrap paper and a black sharpie. I write down what I need to do and want to do, then hang the paper on the cupboard nearest the stove so I can see it all day (I'm in my kitchen/dining room/office a lot all day) and as I finish one task I check it off and see what is the next thing to do.

I'm really thankful for ideas and inspiration that help me be more productive in my job as wife, mother, and homemaker. We are never to old to learn new tricks!

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