09 November 2015

Senior Missionaries

Count Your Blessings - Day Nine

Last night we got a phone call from a full-time senior missionary at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, telling us that our son had attended church that day on base where our son is at Army Recruit Training. The Elder told us that our son is doing well and sends his love.

What a sweet man to take the time call us and let us know he'd seen our son. We talked for about 15 minutes and found that he and his wife have much in common with my husband and I. We look forward to meeting them when we go to Mr. Movie's graduation.

My parents served three full-time missions. First to Spain, Las Palmas, which is the Canary Islands; then to Portugal Lisbon North; then they served a year at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City. Our family was so blessed by their service.

Now my oldest brother and his wife are preparing to serve in the Michigan Lansing mission, leaving January 4, 2016. Exciting times for them.

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