26 January 2017

Another Lesson from Parenting

Children want privileges. As much or more than they want food sometimes. They will whine and beg, plead and cajole, make promises they won’t keep, anything, to get what they want. Our response while raising our children was, “Responsibilities before privileges. If you want something you have to show us that you are responsible and worthy of it.” They rarely liked being told that. We attempted to be as consistent as we could (being mere mortals) in applying that. All five of our children are now adults and we think they understand it. At least they show signs of understanding it most of the time (they have joined the ranks of us “mere mortal” adults).

I thought about how we raised our children as I read a few reports of the March of the Vulgar Females in Washington DC. They appeared to me to be quite childish in their understanding of how the world works. They want “rights” without talking about and taking on responsibilities. Privileges without first working for them. Marching and screaming don’t qualify as working for them. That’s more like having a temper tantrum.

I wanted to say to those females, as I often did to our children, show me! Show me that you have done everything you could to prove that you are mature, and able to handle the privilege you are requesting. What was truly weird to me is that I wasn’t really sure what they wanted. I mean, in the United States of America, what rights do adult males have that adult females don’t? Can someone please enlighten me? And if they were simply protesting the election of a new president, why the vulgarity? Why lower themselves to such a level and expect to be taken serious?

Those women certainly don’t represent me. I’m quite content to be a wife, mother, and homemaker; contributing to the greater good by raising civilized, productive citizens. I like being a woman, married to a man, joined together in making life easier and happier for each other. I like being a mother, at home where it matters in the lives of children; being there for them at the crossroads of life. They ALL call me to check in (I call it plugging in) with Mom, ask for advice, share what they are doing, and thank me for all I did and do for them. I love them more than I can express. I have learned so very much from them!

Which brings me to my last point. As I was contemplating all this I felt the Spirit whisper to me that responsibilities before privileges is an eternal principle. We are expected to show faith through our actions before blessings arrive. We can't just pray a laundry list of requests and expect God to wave a magic wand granting us all we wish for. We have to work and prove ourselves trustworthy and faithful.

I love learning. Especially eternal principles through parenting. God, Our Heavenly Father is our parent, we are the children, learning to become like Him. It’s a good feeling to know I’m on the right path.

24 January 2017

Long suffering

Last night as I read a conference talk one of the footnotes hit me with great force.

Brian K. Ashton, Second Counselor in the Sunday School General Presidency talked of The Doctrine of Christ. Near the end of his talk he says "we must endure to the end, in following the example of the Son of the living God." The footnote for that passage says: Enduring to the end is aptly named, as it requires both time and endurance (see James 1:2-4) The fact is that we cannot develop some Christlike attributes without facing opposition and difficulties. For example, how can we become long suffering if we are never required to suffer for a long time? (emphasis mine)