21 November 2020


Yesterday's message from our prophet was wonderful and inspiring. He invited us to flood social media with expressions of gratitude using the hashtag featured in the title of this post.

A dear friend gave me a gratitude journal for my birthday in 2019. I used it for a few months and then set it aside when negative feelings overwhelmed me and made it difficult to feel grateful. I picked it up again this past summer determined to overcome negativity by thinking of three things to be grateful for each day. Here a sampling:

glorious summer weather with low humidity; open windows and birdsong; habits that help me do the "hard" thing; tender mercies (car stalled instead of moving forward which would have caused a collision); fireflies; Farmers' Market; fresh fruits and vegetables: Rainier Cherries, beets & greens, string beans; miracles of technology-sharing files on Google Docs; AC when it's hot and humid outside; inspiration for a quilt from scraps; TopDad's hard work to make the yard nice; crockpots-Fix it and Forget it!; General Conference talks; Noble's help rearranging the kitchen; pretty, colorful tablecloths; worms and all the other organisms in my compost pile; goals to guide me; appliances: washer, dryer, iron; good books to read; protection while driving my car with the broken suspension; finding pretty composition books; cool weather; seeing the comet with Noble; the wide open prairie sky; lush fields of corn and soybeans; pioneers old and modern; The Word of Wisdom; birds; Mr. Movie fixing my truck; brother-in-law giving his insights and help; water-to drink and to give my flowers; watermelon-the taste of summer; technology for viewing past general conference talks; losing 5.2 lb.; my new sewing machine; fresh vegetables; telephones and free long distance calling; pudding made with heavy cream; squirrel traps; Noble (on her birthday); clouds; emails & texts; evening walks; competent tow truck drivers; cameras; lotion and body butter; courageous patriots; Constitution of the USA; water to drink; waterfalls; peaches; thrift store treasures; bright moonlight; good roads for traveling; talks on cd; priesthood blessings; competent and compassionate surgeons; glorious late summer weather; Craigslist; competent mechanics; Amish popcorn; jackets; oatmeal; fresh peaches; rain that watered my flowers; cheese; well-stocked grocery store; God's protecting care through the storm; family; tender mercies of pain relief; competent physical therapist; books to read and learn from; cooler temperature; gorgeous weather with low humidity; frozen pizza; the right to vote; JET on his birthday; rain; microwaves to heat food; prosperity; prayer; patriots; birds; grocery stores and prepared food; pretty pictures; frozen pizza; summer fruits; low humidity and open windows; 

So much to be thankful for! And there's more to come.

I ALWAYS feel better after a recitation of blessings.

When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed,
When you are discouraged thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings; name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.


04 March 2020

A Virtuous Woman

If you know any single LDS men (age 30-36) who are looking for a virtuous woman I have one available.

She's intelligent, just finishing a BFA in Creative Writing, has been accepted to the MFA program, is fun loving, creative, spiritual, generous, patriotic (USAF veteran), gentle, loves children, and enjoys travel to new places.