07 May 2013

A Tiny Success

I feel just a tiny bit of pride at a tiny bit of success. We have a mentally challenged woman in our branch (result of an accident when she was a toddler) who loves to be first up for testimony bearing. For many months she drove me crazy with her recitation of what they did at her "old church" (Catholic) and who in her family she was going to visit, etc. I had been her visiting teacher for a long time but reassigned her to another sister so I could concentrate on some others. But the sister didn't visit her so I took her back because she loves to and need to be visited regularly. In April I took my partner, a member of just over a year, and I read Kristen M. Oaks' book "The Testimony Glove" to her (and my partner who needed to hear it too). She enjoyed the story and looking at the glove.

This past Sunday when Sister S. got up to speak she bore a sweet, appropriate, wonderful testimony. I was so proud of her!! I truly believe that most problems can be corrected with a little teaching, a little training, and a lot of listening to the Spirit.