24 December 2012

No matter how many times. . . .

No matter how many times we watch "Mr. Kruger's Christmas" we get teary-eyed at the scene in the grotto/stable. TopDad looked at me and I looked at him and he made that comment.

Random thoughts:

Life proceeds at a pace that I can hardly keep up with. Wasn't it just September yesterday? We finished our family reading of the Book of Mormon today. Next on the schedule is the Doctrine and Covenants. Big decisions coming up in JET's life. Dandylion is now taller than me, Dr. Hair towers over me, I turn 55 soon, so does that mean I'll be a little old lady?

We had a huge blizzard last week, about a foot of snow accumulated. I'm so grateful for all the modern conveniences we have. At the same time I'm grateful for a pioneering spirit which makes life easier when those modern conveniences fail.

Merry Christmas! And may the New Year be happy, or rather may we choose to be happy in the New Year!