12 May 2017

Lesson about Heavenly Father's Love for Me

Last Saturday morning as I was puttering in the kitchen I heard the front door open and someone walk in. I wasn't expecting anyone so I went to the living room to investigate. As I rounded the corner into the room there was JET with a huge bouquet of flowers. I had forgotten that he was coming over. My heart overflowed with love for him. He is tall, handsome and was offering me flowers! He even remembered my favorite colors and had his florist friend make a bouquet just for me.

All through the day as we visited I thought this must be how Heavenly Father feels about us. He loves us! With all the tender feelings of a parent. He may not approve of what we do and be disappointed because of our choices, but He loves us deeply, eternally, and unconditionally. He welcomes us with open arms whenever we approach him. He rejoices when we come home to Him. He must beam when we express gratitude, and must feel joy when we give Him a gift.