20 November 2011

As Promised . . . But a little Rambling

I carry a little spiral notebook in my church bag with a special pen.  I use the notebook to record things I hear in talks, thoughts that come to me, ideas for Family Home Evening lessons, or talks, scriptures I want to mark when I get home, even mute conversations with my husband, notes to myself about something I want to remember, etc.  It is a very useful little tool.  When I get home from church I look it over and transfer anything I need to into my planner or calendar or whatever.  Most of the notes just stay there waiting to be read again during quiet moments in church.  From time to time I'll share something from that little notebook.

One Sunday as we sang the Sacrament Hymn a line entered my heart with great power. "In the solemn faith of prayer, cast upon me all thy care." (Hymn #185 Reverently and Meekly Now)

I've always known that faith is an action word, but suddenly it made sense to me, that prayer is an ACT of faith and that we must do as James, the Apostle directs to ". . . ask in faith, nothing wavering." I struggle with having meaningful prayers daily. So often it seems like I'm just going through the motions and saying words instead of expressing heartfelt gratitude and desires. When I pray silently I am so easily distracted; it's much easier for me to pray out loud, but that requires privacy and time, two commodities in short supply.

I love my Father in Heaven and many days I wish I could just sit at his feet and talk to him and hear his immediate answers and counsel or some affirmation of his great love for me and the fact that he's pleased with this or that about me. But that's not going to happen very soon, I hope, anyway by then my mortal life will be over and it won't matter any more.  In the meantime, I'll read the scriptures to hear his voice to me.

We were reading in 1 Peter chapter one this afternoon and verse 17 spoke to me ". . . the Father, who without respect of persons, judgeth according to every man's work. . ." (Saved by grace, judged by works)

I also wrote in my notebook "We do to become." In other words the things we do lead to who we become. Something to think about as I'm making choices each day. I'd better make sure my work is the right thing to be doing, as I going to be judged for it.

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