16 April 2012

General Conference Teachings in Action

Noble called yesterday saying that all the bad luck she had avoided on Friday the 13th had caught up to her on Saturday and she'd had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.* We talked and she expressed how lonely she was (me too) and I expressed my love for her and my confidence in her abilities. I gave her some motherly advice and by the end of the call she was sounding happier and more her confident self.

What I realized is that I've been neglecting her, and thought of what Elder David F. Evans said in conference:
"We can write of Christ by writing letters to those who are away. Missionaries serving, sons or daughters in the military, and those we love are all blessed by letters we write. Letters from home are not just quick e-mails. Real letters provide something tangible that can be held, thought about, and cherished."
I repented and sent her a hand written card today, and will send another, and another, and as many as she needs to help her get through this demanding language course. I love her and want to show her by my actions as well as words over the phone or in an email.

*From one of our favorite children's books by Judith Viorst; our copy has been taped together more than once.

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