04 June 2012

A Day of Miracles

Not all miracles have to do with healing the sick, and such. I don't ever take for granted the miracles of technology that I use everyday. Our daughter Noble is in Korea and through the miracle of Skype we can talk to her over a video connection in real time! It is incredible. Saturday night (here) we Skyped and she shared pictures of her field trip to Kyeongbuk Palace in Seoul the day before (there). This time difference thing is amazing too, I call her Future Girl because she is living 14 hours ahead of us.

I don't understand how it all works, and I don't have to. I'm just grateful everyday for all the wonders and miracles of technology we enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. How is your daughter doing out there? Do you still have teenagers at home? I still have a 17 year old son, and I have barely taught him to drive. I am kind of behind, tired out I guess. I love skype too, mainly for my two granddaughters. It is amazing that we can do that today. Things are changing so fast -- I think of the idea that time speeds up towards the end and that sure is true. Think of the years people just herded sheep!