05 April 2013

Hungering and Thirsting

Spiritual and physical preparations for General Conference are well underway in many home including ours. I spend time cleaning and baking and cooking and such so I can enjoy a relaxing weekend. My heart is prepared and I am spiritually hungry and thirsty for the bread of life and living water.

My gratitude for living prophets knows no bounds. How do persons who do not know the truth live from day to day. All areas of my life are guided by gospel knowledge. I know these are true prophets who lead and guide us toward the Tree of Life. Hold fast to the rod! And may you enjoy a feast during conference.

1 comment:

  1. Me too Rozy! Even though the world has plenty of 'food and water' available for our consumption, I resist so that I can be hungry and thirsty for the Lord's words. I can't wait! I wish I was a little more prepared like you are with having food already prepared.