23 November 2013

All things are relative

I met a couple this week who lived in Vermont for a few years. They told me their ward covered 5,000 square miles. Astounding! I felt a little better about our "Twig".

Tomorrow I'm teaching the Relief Society Teachings for Our Times lesson using the talk Small and Simple Things by Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela. It's about missionary work, but can easily be related to doing Visiting Teaching. It has been my goal in my calling to inspire the sisters to learn to love and do Visiting Teaching. I still haven't been visited by any sister in this branch, but we have seen the reactivation of several sisters and at our 2nd Annual Relief Society Homecoming last Saturday we had double the attendance of our first homecoming. As part of that event I asked the sisters each to name one thing they like about Relief Society and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the majority appreciate the sisterhood and unity they feel.

Thank you Heavenly Father for that!

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