12 February 2014

Gratitude: A Sure Cure for the Mid-Winter Blues

I'm really struggling with the endless bitter cold here in Iowa. I'm so ready for warmer weather and green growing things. I gave myself a good shake as I got on the treadmill to get my blood moving (the only times I feel warm are when I'm in bed, in the shower, or on the treadmill) and thought of things that I'm grateful for. I have so much!

1. A husband who loves me
2. Five wonderful children
3. A warm house to live in
4. A heater that works
5. Running hot and cold water
6. Plenty of food to eat
7. Warm clothes to wear
8. Good health (generally)
9. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
10. Husband has a good job and NEVER complains about having to go to work

And a whole bunch more. After I thought about those things I felt better and could face the day.


  1. This is great! You should consider joining our weekly "Ten Things of Thankful" blog hop--the link will go live this weekend, and this post would be perfect for it!

  2. It's the best loving one's job. Also second your points 1 through 8. So thankful that all our basic needs are fulfilled and we have been lucky enough to meet our perfect match and have a wonderful family. Have a great weekend, Rozy!

  3. Ahhh I see our dear Kristi has hooked you in and joined you up :) Welcome to the hop, where Thankful's The Thing (well, Ten of the Things, in fact)

    I'm glad you're finding things to be grateful for, and ways to stay warm :)

  4. Welcome to the TToT! Liked your list.

    (Hey! Kristi nice 'get' with Frist Comment!*)

    This is a very good bloghop and has a very wide range if interests and backgrounds of the participants… it's fun.

    * it is considered an accomplishment, given how active the hostinae at the TToT are, to get to write the first comment ('Frist Comment… long story)

  5. You figured out how to link up--hurray! :-) Thanks for joining.

  6. Sounds like a great list to me. I read your sidebar & just wanted to mention I was in Tally for 4 years. Go Noles :)

  7. Welcome to the TToT!
    I am with you on trying to stay warm. This winter is wearing me out.
    A treadmill would be handy in the staying warm department.
    A good husband who never complains about going to work is a blessing indeed. I sometimes feel bad when I get to take the kids to do fun things during the day while he is at work. he never complains or makes us feel bad for going without him.

  8. And oh yes, lots to be grateful for!

  9. Swoon, all the things a heart buried under snow needs to look for. I understand completely. We have 10+ inches of the snow here. It's the little things eh?

  10. I am glad to meet you. You keep it simple and you are a sweet person. xox jean

  11. Welcome to the TToT! I'm glad Kristi was able to convince you to join us! You have presented us with a lovely list of things for which to be thankful. I'm sure as a former California girl, you can never get completely used to Iowa weather. Stay warm and healthy - spring will be here soon. Right? RIGHT?!