21 February 2019

Part of the Sunday School Lesson I Didn't Get to Give

A big snowstorm passed through Minnesota on Sunday and our little branch cancelled church. We drove north and attended with our daughter at her ward. 

This is just an insight I gained as I pondered the lesson material, but didn't get to share with any class.

We must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God

ASK – What happens when we are “born again”?

Let’s compare a new born baby and a new born Christian.

A baby learns to walk and talk like his parents.
A Christian learns to walk and talk like Jesus

How do babies learn to walk?
They crawl, scoot, walk with assistance, then walk alone. They fall down a lot! But they never give up, they watch others and believe (have faith) that they can walk too.

How do babies learn to talk?
By listening, imitating, trying, making lots of mistakes; listening some more and never giving up.

Perhaps this is what Jesus was referring to when he commanded us to become like little children in learning to become like Him. We must keep trying and never give up; we must keep watching Him and listening to Him (by studying the scriptures and words of modern prophets), and imitating Him until His ways are internalized and become utterly effortless and natural to us.

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