03 May 2022

The Divinity Which is Within You

This post is part of the General Conference Odyssey. This week covers the General Relief Society session of the October 1996 conference.

Four years ago Noble was awarded an AS degree.
This week she's just finished her second year of a Masters.

At the time of this session I'd just had our fourth child, and though I was in a Stake Relief Society presidency I didn't feel up to attending the reception and viewing of the session at the stake center.
This week has been a joy to listen to and read the talks given then. As always they are timeless in their application. President James E. Faust of the First Presidency was the concluding speaker. His words were just what I needed to hear Monday evening.

Your God-given appreciation for the spiritual, the lovely, and the beautiful is part of the divinity which is within you. You make life so much more pleasant and worthwhile for all of us.

As my dear Ruth faithfully attended Relief Society over the years, our home and family was blessed with more of spirituality and peace. Things seemed to go smoother because of the spiritual enrichment she received.

For the daughters of God, doing the Savior's work . . . include[s] building faith by testimony and example. It includes teaching the doctrines of salvation. It includes following the Savior's example of love for all mankind. It includes ministering to others. . .

The bearing of testimony benefits both the one testifying as well as the one listening. Regular temple attendance will help us meet all our challenges. Accepting calls from priesthood leaders as well as visiting teaching assignments from the Relief Society president will be a great strengthening experience. In rendering compassionate service individually and as a group, you lose sight of your own problems and do the work the Savior did.

When the pressures of measuring up to worldly standards of excellence and achievement begin to overwhelm it's comforting to hear the words of a prophet reminding me of the worth of eternal things and efforts. 

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