28 September 2012

Make More Happy Memories

That's the advice my older sister D gave me when I asked her what she'd do differently raising her family of seven children. Make more happy memories.

As I read Annette's post over on Chocolate on My Cranium I thought of a few of my happiest memories and wondered if my children remember too.

Boys, do you remember playing beauty parlor and putting make-up on Mom and barrettes in her hair? I wish I had pictures! The attention and pampering was better than any $100 an hour spa.

Chuns, do you remember suppers of muffins and popcorn watching Disney videos? And Saturday homemade pizza nights?

Do you remember the trip to the Hill Cumorah Pageant and swimming in the hotel pool? What about Camp Joseph in Sharon, Vermont? Remember the Milky Way! And hiking the mountain?

Boys, do you remember reading our way through the Ralph Moody, Little Britches series?

Noble, do you remember the fashion shows, and Halloween costumes, especially the purple hair?

Do you all remember the Symphony concerts in the Provo Tabernacle? I cried when I heard that it burned down, and I cried again when I heard it would be rebuilt as a temple!

Remember playing on the GIANT in the park in Washington DC?

Remember our first Family Pajama Game Night?

I'm really thankful for an older sister who I call The Pioneer for going before me and blazing the trail. Because of her I learned early to savor moments, make happy memories and enjoy each stage of raising children. We homeschooled our children for fourteen years so I spent A LOT of time with them. And I've found that to be one of our biggest blessing because as they mature they become our best friends. Our adult children still call regularly to "plug in" to the Mom and tell me all their joys and sorrows.

Families are Forever! I can't think of a more important concept to guide us through our journey of mortality. Spend time with your chuns, make more happy memories, never stop teaching them the gospel and showing them the Savior's love through your love.

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