03 January 2023

Priesthood Power

This post is part of the General Conference OdysseyThis week covers the Priesthood session of the October 1999 conference.

I thought Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk included counsel applicable to any member of the church. He gave five principles to live by.

1. Place God, Our Heavenly Father first in your life.
2. Come unto Christ and follow Him as your Savior and Redeemer.
3. Nurture the companionship of the Holy Ghost.
4. Love and revere Joseph Smith as the great prophet of the Restoration.
5. Love, follow, and be loyal to God's living prophet.

I can't think of any better counsel for today's members. In fact, it is close to what has been said in recent conferences. And if I had time and energy I'd look it up for you. But I'll leave it to those who are interested to do so.

President James E. Faust used the parable of the sower to illustrate various kinds of people in the church. Many have said this parable could more accurately be called the parable of the different kinds of soil. He also said something, almost in passing, that we tend to forget as we go about our busy days.
I hasten to add that scientific knowledge, the marvels of communication, and the wonders of modern medicine have come from the Lord to enhance His work throughout the world.

I've long given thanks in my prayers for the miracles of technology that we enjoy daily. To me they are the equivalent of ancient miracles, mostly because I don't understand the science, and appreciate the wonders of it all. Even something as common as running hot and cold water, and flushing toilets. I've read enough history to know that those are miraculous! And I'd hate to live without them.

President Thomas S. Monson, first counselor in the First Presidency, talked of priesthood power. He said something that made me stop and think about how casually some young men take their ordinations.
I hope with all my heart and soul that every young man who receives the priesthood will honor that priesthood and be true to the trust which is conveyed when it is conferred.

All of the talks were good, as usual. President Hinckley was open and transparent about some of the financial questions that were, and still are, asked. I miss him! 

We are so blessed to have living prophets and apostles to be the watchmen on the tower guiding us and warning us.  


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